Anafiotika Cafe - Restaurant

Hospitality, colors, flavors... coming from the past


A traditional and quant Cafe - Restaurant located in the very heart of Plaka

A whole era comes alive for the visitors who wonder around the alleys and the cobbled streats of the picturesque and oldest neighborhood of Athens, Plaka.


Among the historic neighborhoods and crowded alleys, you can discover "Anafiotika". No no, we are not talking about Anafiotika area, but about our very own "Anafiotika" !!!


The traditional Cafe - Restaurant, as our patrons and visitors call it, "Anafiotika" makes an exception in the street of Mnisikleous and Thrasivoulou. The famous "stairs" as you may have heard!


  • Coffee anytime of the day
  • Traditional homemade sweets – Ice cream – Waffles
  • Authentic Greek Cuisine
  • Appetizers for everyone
  • Drinks – Cocktails

Anafiotika area is a tiny picturesque neighborhood of Athens that is perched on the northeastern side of Acropolis and reaches the borders of the district of Plaka. Built in the middle of the 19th century, when workers from Anafi were settled in the area, who had come to Athens to work in the rebuilding of the city and the construction of King Otto’s palace. As first settlers were known, a carpenter (C.. Damigos) and a mason (M. Sigalas) who came from Anafi island, and they were later followed by other compatriots, that built their own homes there, especially during the eviction of Otto and during the interregnum. 

The entire district was built in Cycladic architecture. The Anafians, along with their settlement there, restored two temples of the 17th century, which were the church of St. Simeon and St. George of the Rocks.
After 1922, Asia Minor refugees joined and formed the current population. During the 1950’s, part of the neighborhood was demolished due to excavation. The following years, extensive expropriations have taken place by the Ministry of Culture and the remaining 45 houses have been declared as designated buildings.